Kaos Magick: the goals of religion, the methods of science.

KaoTek brings together a blend of Ancient And Postmodern data sources. In the Information Age the secrets of the the occult societies are no longer being hoarded. As their guardians realize they can by found in a used book store or downloaded for free they rush to share the wealth. Knowledge is power and it wants to be free.

Modern physics recognizes inter-connectivity between all physical phenomena in the universe (Brendt 106), observing effects such as phase locking (Briggs/Peat 185), which is the synchronization of systems that are physically unconnected. Indeed the very act of observation effects physical outcomes and physicists such as Bohm have extrapolated this "inseparability of the observer and the observed" (Nichol, p. xi) from mere paradigm building to reality building.

the Chakras

Yogic scholars have been saying for millennia that: "Time and Space and object only exist as categories of the individual mind" (Satyasangananda, p.6) they are manifestations of the materialist paradigm. Tantra sees the root of human consciousness's ability to evolve in the will, or "Antah Karana" (inner tool). This gives us the ability to change the way we choose to see the world.

The tantric model of transmogrifying the consciousness up through the "Chakras" from their base in earth through the increasingly subtle elements, ending with ether, is the prototype for alchemy and many European mystical traditions (Carroll, Null, p.8). Alchemical pentagramFor the student of Yoga the manifestation of psychic or magickal powers are an unwanted distraction on the path to enlightenment (Saraswati, p.120-1), but for the sorcerer they are an end in and of themselves.

In the last century Magickal practitioners have taken the mystical traditions and the modern non-linear dynamical view of consciousness and reality and codified a system known as Kaos Magick (Carroll,Null p. 9). Methodologies have been adapted from traditional ritual (Carroll, Null p.19) and re-explained in terms of quantum physics (Carroll, Kaos, p.18) complete with formulae (Carroll, Kaos, p.42).

In the early years of this millennium this has expanded with an internet based Open Source Magick movement (osogd.org). Information made available from these sources plus Open Source (sourceforge.net) plans and schematics for biofeedback devices are the resources for the designs of the KaoTek devices and software such as the BANISHIT!, eSigilator and Pranayamatron.

The linear, "reductionist" mind set inherited from Newton's age of enlightenment no longer suffices to guide us in a world that is governed by chaotic forces, and so we bring you KaoTek

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