"Embrace Chaos"

Here at KaoTek we have learned that "Believing Makes it So". Yes, you can choose what to believe and that makes it real. But you have to really believe, so everything we choose is backed up by lots of facts, both ancient and post-modern.

In a world as complex as ours, it becomes increasingly difficult to predict what will happen next. This uncertainty can be disconcerting to people who are raised to expect "order and good government".

4d bifurcation map

In fact this "new world dis-order" is closer in its behavior to natural systems, such as weather patterns and ecological interrelationships, than it is to the grand architectures and orderly machinations we customarily associate with civilizations. A study of this kind of social chaos reveals it to be the manifestation of a higher order.

Although culturally bogged down in linear thinking left over from the now outdated Newtonian "Enlightenment", science, the arts, even religion can provide us with the paradigms, and technologies to understand, and even benefit from this higher order. But you must combine all three in the form of Magick to get Real results!

We believe that to adhere to unchanging linear models is to have a fossilized mind. To avoid extinction we must be prepared to co-evolve with our technologies. KaoTek is dedicated to that process. Your comments and observations are welcome on the blog. As a first principle we recognize that no paradigm can claim the ultimate ontology and so we will abide by physicist/philosopher David Bohm's principles of "scientific irony". By this we mean that there is no one truth and and we take everything with a grain of salt. Or to misquote RA Wilson via Xen Dada Axis: We are, in general, agnostic but as pertains to "God" we are decidedly atheist.

The Kaosphere

The axes of the KaoSphere can be said to symbolize the chaos that is found in the place where the three spacial dimensions intersect with time. This space time continuum is a strange attractor maintained like a stable feedback loop between the extremes of dead matter and radiant energy.

It is a dynamical, nonlinear system out of which reality is made of the emergent patterns. By it's nature, one's perspectives will determine what one can see.

Because of its reiterative nature, the whole system can be seen reflected in any part, and so each part is similar yet different.

Kaotek will bring you products based on these principles.